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YWAM Mahasarakham

YWAM Mahasarakham

Mahasarakham is a small province in the middle of the Northeastern region of Thailand (Isaan). A province of education, 20% of the population in this province are University students. YWAM Mahasarakham was established in 2000 to reach out and minister to the students so that they will know God and live as disciples of the Lord. 

Campus Ministry

YWAM Mahasarakham helps the students who do not know about God to hear the Gospel and teach them to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. Many students in Thailand have heard the gospel and believed in Jesus Christ through this ministry. They undergo training and dedicate their life to serve God.

Activities and strategies for evangelism are the following:

Youth Ministry

Since 2012 our youth ministry has preached the gospel to students who do no know God. We have regular worship meetings and training for the students. We established the Youth Discipleship Training Course (YDTC). We want the youth to have hope and vision for God. 

Worship & Isaan Performing Arts Ministry

We would like to make a big impact in the lives of the Isaan people by using the Isaan culture through worship and performing arts. Our vision is to see the Isaan people worship God and redeem the Isaan culture to give glory to the Lord.

Partnering With Local Churches

YWAM Mahasarakham cooperates with and supports lcoal churches here in Mahasarakham. HWe join together and help with some activities such as cell groups, leading worship, evangelism and Sunday school Bible teaching for children and adults. We also help staff and organize church camps. 

Business As Mission

Our Business As Mission ministry was started in November 2013 by Aom, our base leader's wife. God has put it in her heart to take care and help in providing for God's workers in YWAM Mahasarakham. Sha received a word from the Lord in the scripture in Matthew 14:13-21 "Jesus fed the five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish". This scripture has inspired her greatly to be a channel of blessing God's ministry in YWAM Mahasarakham.

Land Development & Building Construction

YWAM Mahasarakham was established in 2000. We rented a building for the YWAM Center and opened a dormitory for Christian students who would like to know God more in their lives. We have moved several times until God allowed us to buy land. God has blessed us with 6,000 square meters of land. We received a vision to build a YWAM Center and student dormitory with meeting hall that will be used for worship, training for student life, seminars, workshops, camps and other activities. We now have electricity and underground water for temporary use. While we are waiting to build the building we have used the land for agriculture. We are looking forward for what God will do with the land that He has given us in the years to come. 

Pray For Us

We only have one prayer request - for Thai people to know Jesus Christ and become disciples to serve the Lord for Thailand and all nations.

YWAM Mahasarakham

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YWAM Mahasarakham


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