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YWAM Thailand National Office

Phones ringing, computers buzzing, staff worshiping - welcome to our YWAM Thailand National Office which acts as the lighthouse and nerve center for the whole of YWAM Thailand. It is the one ministry which exists solely to serve and support all 440+ staff and 80+ different ministries in 23 operating locations around the country. Email correspondence, staff application processing, visa assistance, financial support processing, leadership meetings, outreach team hosting, staff development and communications through newsletters, videos and websites, are all a part of the ministry of the National Office. Without this necessary support, our staff would have to spend valuable time and resources handling these tasks alone; resources which are better spent on the ministry at hand.

In addition, there are 8 ministries which currently share the space of the National Office building. Sharing this facility enables these ministries to be more effective, save valuable resources, create a sense of community, and facilitate seminars and training schools.

Our Vision is to be the lighthouse and the nerve center for YWAM Thailand, actively investing in the growth and development of all our staff and family of ministries.

As the Lighthouse… To communicate what God is doing through YWAM Thailand to the Body of Christ worldwide, while keeping our national vision in focus for our ministries and partners.

As the Nerve Center… To enable the 80+ ministries of YWAM Thailand to continue to grow in effectiveness. Through communications, raising funds, recruiting staff, mobilizing international outreach teams, and providing staff and leadership development, the National Office helps facilitate YWAM ministries throughout the nation.


Oversight / Leadership

Our Current Staff Needs (All are volunteer positions)

  1. Administrator
  2. Fundraiser for the National Office
  3. Fundraiser for Thai staff

Financial Needs

  1. Financial support for the administration of the National Office.
  2. Financial support for Thai staff.

Contact YWAM Thailand National Office

P.O. Box 20
Bangkok 10263

Financial Support

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Note: Online donations are NOT tax deductible.

Tax Deductible U.S. Donations

If you wish to support our ministry through tax deductible donations, please send checks payable to "YWAM Montana" to:
"YWAM Montana, 501 Blacktail Rd., Lakeside, MT 59922, U.S.A.".
Please don't write anything else on the check and include a separate note indicating that your donation is for "Project 3059, YWAM Thailand - National Office".



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