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Outreach Teams Department

General Information

Outreach Teams Department

Greetings from the YWAM Thailand Outreach Department.

We have many opportunities for you and your team to serve here in Thailand whether it be with a local Thai church, partner organizations or with one of our own YWAM Thailand ministries.


JANUARY 9th, 2023: Thailand maintains ‘fully-reopen’ entry rules

In keeping with the Thai government's decision to fully remove any/all Covid related restrictions on OCTOBER 1st, Thailand remains "OPEN".

Read all the details HERE!

It's been SO amazing to finally have teams coming back to Thailand again after almost 2 years. Thank you Lord.

Ministry Locations

We currently have over 80 YWAM Thailand ministry locations and 50+ opportunities for you to consider while here (please view our online map). When making your choice, we would also like to encourage your team to prayerfully consider partnering with a ministry location that is waiting to receive their first outreach team, or with a location that may have been waiting for an extended period of time (6 months – 2 years) to host another one.

Length of Time

As a guideline, we usually ask teams stay in one location for a minimum of 2-3 weeks to be most effective here on outreach. Relationships are key to reaching the Thai people and we have found that many pastors and ministry leaders appreciate this recommendation as well. For teams coming in on a shorter trip, we can tailor your outreach to your needs.

Please note the following:

We politely ask that you do not contact various ministry locations directly as this can create communication gaps between our ministry hosts, our outreach coordinators, and your team.

We also encourage you and your team members to seek answers to your questions on our website as it contains helpful infomation on Thailand and Thai culture as well as all of our ministries. You will find some helpful links in the column to the right including a page of frequently asked questions.

We pray you will have a wonderful and blessed time in Thailand!

Thailand Outreach Teams


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Financial Support

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Note: Online donations are NOT tax deductible.

Tax Deductible U.S. Donations

If you wish to support our ministry through tax deductible donations, please send checks payable to "YWAM Montana" to:
"YWAM Montana, 501 Blacktail Rd., Lakeside, MT 59922, U.S.A.".
Please don't write anything else on the check and include a separate note indicating that your donation is for "Project 3059, YWAM Thailand - Outreach Teams Department".

Outreach Teams Department

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