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Thai Language Basics

Thai Language Basics
nung 1
soong 2
saam 3
sii 4
haa 5
hok 6
jet 7
paet 8
gaao 9
sip 10
sip-et 11
sip-soong 12
yii-sip 20
yii-sip-et 21
yii-sip-soong 22
saam-sip 30
(nung) rooi 100
soong rooi 200
(nung) phan 1000
soong phan 2000
(nung) muun 10000
soong muun 20,000
(nung) saen 100,000
(nung) laan 1,000,000
Useful Phrases
thang mot total
thao rai?  how much?
mi thao rai?  how many?
khun mii mai?  do you have?
rao mai mii  we don't have.
yang rai  how
mua rai  when
a-rai  what
thii-nai  where
chai  "yes"
mai chai "no"
phom choop I like (for men)
dichan choop I like (for women)
phom mai choop I don't like (for men)
dichan mai choop I don't like (for women)
bpay nai? where are you going?
bpay thiaw an outing for fun/ pleasure
bpay thura business/ private matters
phom yak cha I would like to (men)
dichan yak cha I would like to (women)
riak waa to be called
mai saap/ mai ruu don't know
kit waa think
leew khor and
Addressing People
khun you
phom I/me (for men)
dichan I/me (for women)
rao we
khaw he/ she/ they
chuai duai help
Useful Verbs
bpay go
maa come
choop like
mai chop don°t like
kin (gkin)/ thaan eat
yut stop
rian to study
sang (sung) order (food)
Common Expressions
khoop khun thank-you
kha toad sorry/ pardon me/ excuse me
mai-pen-rai nevermind
khao jai mai do you understand?
khao jai understand
mai-khao jai don't understand
arai khor dai anything°s fine
dai yes, you can
mai dai no you can°t
Some Adjectives
sanuk fun
phaeng expensive
thuuk inexpensive/ cheap
yen/ naaw cold
roon hot
chaa slow
rew fast
lek small
yai big
suai beautiful
loor handsome
suung tall
tia short
dii good
yaak   difficult
ngaai easy
uan fat
phorm thin
aroi delicious
waan sweet
priaw sour
phet spicy
khem salty
sawatdii hello/good-bye
sabaaydii mai how are you?
sabaaydii I'm fine
phop kan mai see you later
Days of the Week
wan jan Monday
wan angkhaan Tuesday
wan phut Wednesday
 wan pharahatd Thursday
wan suk Friday
wan saw Saturday
wan aathit Sunday
wan yut weekend
dtrong bpay go straight
liaw khwaa turn right
liaw saai turn left
jod thii ni stop here
soy lane, side street
thanon road
Time Related
wannii today
mer-wannii yesterday
phrungnii tomorrow
wan day
aathit week
duan month
pbi year
weelaa time
chuamoong hour
naathii minutes
pramaan about
rot mei bus
rot yon car
rot thu van
rot fai train
rot fai faa sky train
khrungbin airplane
khun cher aria? What is your name?
phom cher my name is (men)
dichan cher my name is (women)
yin-dii thii daai ruu-jak nice to meet you
chen gan nice to meet you too
Phra Jiaow wei pon God bless you
Phra Jiaow ruk khun God loves you
phuu-ying woman
phuu-chaai man
dek/ dek dek child/children
khroopkhrua family
phii (name) polite form of address for an older (person)
noong younger (person)


*khrap (for men) and kha (for women) are used as polite particles at the end of statements and questions. Eg. Sawatdii kha/ khrap

Thai Language Basics

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