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Culture & Language Phase

National Culture & Language Phase for New Foreign Missionaries

(Revised APRIL 2008)

The YWAM Thailand C&L Phase is a 12-18 month program designed to help the new staff individual to get a firm grasp on the Thai language and culture, as well as effective ways of ministering to the Thais. Its primary purpose is to equip those who will be joining YWAM Thailand as long-term staff. 

Note: For individuals not working specifically with Thais, see Policies & Procedures IV.D.4. 

The C&L Phase goals are:                

C&L Phase Requirements & Guidelines 

Phase One – Orientation -The First Month

Housing is found for C&L staff, any major purchases are made and financial issues are dealt with. Visa situations are assessed and plans for visa renewals are made. C&L Phase orientation is given which includes initial cultural orientation, orientation to YWAM Thailand, and language program orientation.

Phase Two – Foundation – One to Twelve Months

R = Required   G = Guidelines (but may also be required locally)

  1. R Foundational language study as defined in P&P document decided by the Local C&L Leader (i.e. OMF language program Modules 1-6).
  2. R Attend the C&L study/support group 
  3. R Attend monthly location meetings.
  4. R All staff are expected to complete a full work week of 40 hours. However, this would include work duties, language learning, ministry involvement and travel to/from these activities.
  5. R Complete required reading list. 
  6. R Attend a one-on-one meeting with the Local C&L Leader every three months.
  7. R Meet once per month for the first year with an accountability partner who is suggested by your C&L leader.
  8. G Visit at least two other YWAM Thailand ministries.  Meet and speak with the leaders.
  9. G If committed to working with a specific ministry team after the C&l Phase, communicate with the Team Leader at least once every three months.
  10. G Attend any staff meetings which the Local C&L Leader deems necessary.
  11. G Visit several different Thai churches in the area and choose a place of worship (Thai or bi-lingual) within the first three months.

Phase Three –The Final 12-18 Months

At this point, your ministry leader will become your primary leader. For those who don’t yet have a specific ministry, your Local C&L Leader will continue to be your primary leader. 

  1. R Completion of P.6 Thai language exam. And/or* ability to read, write (6th grade level), pray, give testimony, and share gospel message in Thai as well as study Social, Cultural and Bible modules. (*Exemption for not taking the P.6 exam applies ONLY IF your location has an approved assessment system in place.)
  2. R Continue to attend applicable meetings.
  3. G Attend the “Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills” (SYIS) workshop.

General Requirements 

C&L Information

Estimated Budget