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Rak Teh

Rak Teh

If Jesus lived in Bangkok where would he hang out? Who would he be hanging out with? 

Rak Teh: Serving and Loving our neighbors in the way of Jesus on the streets of old Bangkok. 

"Who then is my neighbor?" Wander just a few blocks away from Bangkok's Grand Palace and you might bump into some interesting neighbors:  

Rak Teh
The people who sleep on our streets every night, and the men and women who sell sex in our neighborhood (24 hours a day), each have stories – a mother and father, a home that they come from, and a childhood dream of who they hoped to be when they grew up.  In each story, there is a sad chain of events that led them to where they find themselves now.  Some still readily smile, they have friends on the streets, while others are barely holding it together, struggling with addictions and scrambling for a few coins each day in order to use the bathroom or buy a cup of noodles. 

Jesus lives in our neighborhood too. How do we know? Because he told us: 
"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."
Jesus is leading us and showing us how to love those around us – he is opening our eyes to see each of our neighbors as a unique, precious, God-breathed creation. Our work is to see God’s glory made known on these streets – for truth to be made manifest through changed lives and healthy relationships, and for all of us neighbors to grow together in our experience of God’s transforming love. 

Jesus changes lives.

Jesus transforms communities.

Jesus uses us. 

Rak TehHow is Rak Teh loving our neighbors? We are working towards: 

  1. Praying for the transformation of the neighborhood, city and nation: Intercession.
  2. Introducing the community to Jesus: Evangelism.
  3. Encouraging individuals to live a life reflecting who God has created them to be: Discipleship.
  4. Connecting neighbors with government services, training, health and employment resources providing for basic needs and long-term opportunities: Networking.
  5. Working in partnership with neighbors to meet felt needs within this community: Mercy Ministry.
  6. Birthing reproducing simple churches in this neighborhood: Church Planting.
  7. Inviting YWAM and the Church to grow experientially in relationship with the poor: Training.

What can you do? 


Sign up to receive our prayer emails.- Commit one day each month to pray for Rak Teh, our neighbors and the city of Bangkok.- Start a prayer group in your church crying out for the homeless, economically exploited and sexually broken on the streets of Bangkok.


Move to our neighborhood in Bangkok and join our team.


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Rak Teh
59 Buranasat Road
San Chao Por Suea
Phra Nakorn
Bangkok 10200

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Rak Teh


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Rak Teh: Serving and Loving our neighbors in the way of Jesus on the streets of old Bangkok