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Transforming Lives, One Child at a Time

Ark International is an international organization defending the rights of children at risk by facilitating programs, networking, and training in the Southeast Asian region.


Some of our specific focuses include:


This is an initiative responding to the overwhelming need to protect and restore vulnerable children and youth. Our goal is to have a lasting impact in the lives of young people through rugby training and life skill development—building trust, hope, self-esteem, and courage. It is our hope that in providing these children with the opportunity to develop training, skills, and character, that they will live a successful life that will contribute to society. For more information, visit us here:

NAK WING is a small group run in our local communities that provides input to youth addressing critical issues of identity, self-worth, sexuality, spiritual development, and long-term planning and dreams.


Education is the gateway to sustainable change in a child’s life and therefore, ARK has a long-term commitment to these initiatives.

THE EDUCATIONAL SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM promotes the importance of education and its value in creating sustainable and long-term options for youth, particularly targeting youth at risk. Educational sponsorships and educational support are given through tuition and uniform assistance, tutoring, trade programs etc. and are individually catered to youth to help them succeed in their future. We have youth in our program who have graduated from university as well.

ARK TUTORING INITIATIVE – Our tutoring center is located in a particularly difficult neighborhood where drugs, transience, poverty, migrancy, and desperation live. Many families live day to day, work very long hours, and have a low academic threshold making it difficult to support their children with homework needs. The after-school program enhances learning and helps support children and youth to succeed in school. This program runs all week and assists various youth weekly with homework assistance, a meal, crafts/activities, and loads of love and encouragement.

Life Scholarship Program – is designed to financially support targeted youth with food and additional living expenses because of unique and compelling difficulties evidenced in their lives. This program works solely in conjunction with these youth that are passionate about improving their knowledge and experience through educational avenues.


HEALTHCARE/MERCY – ARK provides specialized aid for those who are struggling with abject and generational poverty.  We provide basic supplies/medicinal support and sponsorship for food on an as needed basis within our communities of focus. We aid those in dire medical crises with medical assistance towards the goal of self-sufficiency and overall wellness. In addition, we provide some of our youth with scholarships towards annual visits to the dentist, glasses, and other medical assistance/needs for children and youth attending ARK International programs.

SOOM-SOOM – A pioneering project that will work with young women and families in crisis pregnancy and support development with pre- and post-natal education, family growth and development, sexual education in schools and community, and identifying target families in crisis.



*Pai's Story
“My name is *Pai and I have been with Ark for 14 years.  Since I was a young girl, I have dreamed of being involved in the medical field. I never thought this would be possible because I am from a very poor village. Many years ago, I met ARK staff and they have helped me to go to school.  I am so happy because today, I am in university. I want to be able to help people with my life”.  *Pai is one of our standout youth.  She is determined, intelligent, resilient, displays natural leadership abilities and has fought very hard to actualize her dreams.  It is a privilege to walk life alongside her and watch her succeed in actualizing her dreams as she continues to rank exceptionally high in all her classes. Ark International is committed to transforming lives, one child at a time.” – Nicole Fakaua, ARK International Foundation Director 

*Ark International Foundation has a policy that no real names of any of our minors will be published publicly.  This is a real story but her name has been changed to protect her identity.  

The impact of ARK International is made possible because of the many who generously give to support at-risk children and youth. For more information please contact or visit our website at

ARK INTERNATIONAL is a legally registered foundation under the The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security in Thailand and is an associate ministry of YWAM Thailand and Australian Mercy.

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The best available estimate is that 1.2 million children are trafficked every year into the sex trade? (United Nations State of the World's Children 2008)