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Gaan & Poi Yotisarn


I was born in a small village in Khon Kaen province, which is in the Northeast part of Thailand. My parents were farmers but the profit they made did not meet our basic living needs. In order for us to have enough to eat, have somewhere to live, and be able to pay off bank loans, my parents had to work construction in Bangkok. They left me with my Grandma and would send her the money they earned to help raise me.

Because my parents where in the city, I lived with my Grandma from the ages of 5-12 years. After I finished my elementary education, I went to the priesthood in a temple in the city. My family still didn’t have enough money to send me to regular schools so I studied three years of middle school at the temple.

When I came to university in Bangkok, I had the opportunity to know God through a missionary who worked in Youth With a Mission (YWAM). I became a Christian in 2000 and had an opportunity to do a DTS in Chiang Mai in 2003. In 2004, I became staff of YWAM Thailand and have continued on staff since.


Poi grew up in a small town of Thailand, in a Northeastern province. Her family were very strict Buddhists, plus her grandfather was considered a medium and fortune teller.

When she was just six months, her father and mother separated. Poi’s mother left to work elsewhere and so Poi’s grandmother took care of her until she graduated from high school.

When she had graduated, Poi had the opportunity to study at a University in Bangkok. Poi met a foreign team at the university who worked in YWAM Thailand. The team, on their YWAM outreach, were sharing the gospel with the students.

Poi accepted God as her personal Savior and decided to study the DTS in Chiang Mai at the end of 2004. When she finished, she chose to stay on staff as it was a “great opportunity to serve God” and has been on YWAM staff since then.

Gaan and Poi

Gaan and Poi were married in 2007 and now have a son, Zion.

We have a heart of love that God put in us, where we fall in love with children and teenagers. We want to be the people that God uses to bring children and young people to know Him. It is our aim to be Godly role models for the children as we model the character of Jesus and heart of God. Together, we want God to continue to use us in powerful ways to bring healing to the lives of all people we meet.

So, after they were married, they both took the Principles of Child and Youth Ministry course, which was a school under King’s Kids Thailand. The PCYM school provided them with the knowledge, tools and ability to teach children more effectively.

Each day, as we taught the children, we became more and more aware and confident of the call God had placed on our lives.

God then called them in 2009 to care for the poor and dis-advantaged at "Baan Chu Jai", a social development center for teens in crisis (Project L.I.F.E. Foundation).

Both Gaan and Poi take on respective pseudo-parental roles as father and mother to the children. In addition, Gaan serves as a leader in the ministry and Poi serves in Accounting.

We would like to invite anyone who has a heart for children and young people to come, work and build a child's dream come true. Reach out with us and together, let’s share the true love of God with the children.

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Gaan & Poi Yotisarn

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