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Since I was a little girl, God placed a deep desire in my heart to go to Thailand. I always knew that Thailand would be a special part of my life, and this only grew as the years passed.

In 2007 I did my DTS in Atlanta, Georgia and then continued on staff for several years. During my time there, I was blessed to do a School of Evangelism (SOE), Leadership School (BSL), and be on staff with the DTS. It was during this time, as I got connected with several organizations active in social justice (including an anti-trafficking ministry), that God began to speak more about His heart for justice and His call on my life to be involved.

After doing my School of Biblical Studies (SBS) in England, I felt led to receive more training in this area by participating in the School of Social Justice (SSJ) in Denver, Colorado. My heart was greater stirred as I spent 3 months sitting with Jesus and listening to His heart for the world.

In March 2012, God finally released me to come to Thailand, allowing me to do a YWAM internship alongside of a partner organization called SHE Foundation. SHE Foundation, which is located in Phuket, is committed to helping women and children at-risk. As social justice is my passion, it was a blessing to serve alongside of an organization that is actively involved.

During my time with SHE Foundation, God opened my eyes to the beautiful things that He is doing in this place and gave me a deeper love for these people. As the first YWAM Phuket DTS was also taking place at the time, I had the opportunity to be connected with the staff and students. Two months before I was set to leave, God gave me vision of the transformation that is coming forth in Thailand, revealing to me His heart for the DTS in Phuket.

As I had worked with both YWAM and SHE Foundation, and my passion is in the area of social justice, He was inviting me to be a part of helping to pioneer the first Justice DTS in the nation. Not only will Thai nationals (and foreigners) be raised up to know God and to make Him known, but will leave with an understanding of God's heart for justice and how they are called to be actively involved. This nation will be transformed! As my heart grew deeply for the ministry of SHE Foundation, particularly on Bangla Road and among the Burmese community, I saw how Jesus wanted to bring these together as one body. A bridge that connected them both.

I am so excited for this new season and all that God has in store! I look forward to seeing the ways in which each DTS student's life is transformed and their hearts grow for those affected by injustice. It will be a privilege for me to work alongside of YWAM and SHE Foundation, joining with God in bringing His transforming love to those who are hopeless, broken, and oppressed.


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