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At & Noot

Dad (At) and Mom (Noot) both grew up in Buddhist families. Mom is an oldest child, and has four brothers and sisters. She had to look after her family from a young age because her father died. She was born in 1955. Mom graduated from a teachers college, and went on to open a restaurant so that she could take care of her younger siblings and her aging mother. At that time she met Dad, who was a businessman trading rice and produce. Dad was born in 1938, and he studied through 4th grade. He has a lot of experience driving transport trucks and buying and selling goods. At one time, he spent a few years in Saudi Arabia driving a truck because the pay was higher there.

After Pang accepted Jesus she went home and shared with her parents. Mom and Dad knew already that what they believed was not the answer, and they accepted Jesus easily when Pang brought the news in 2000. Soon after becoming Christians, they moved to live with Arun and Pang near the university and started working with YWAM. In February 2003, At and Noot completed their YWAM Discipleship Training School in Chiang Mai as well.

Mom is passionate about evangelism and prayer, and has gifts in teaching and helping people. She opened a restaurant next to Home of One Heart, a YWAM university ministry in Bangkok, and also cooks for most of our YWAM functions here. Dad is rather shy, but loves to talk one-on-one. He loves to work and fix things. He drives the YWAM truck to transport outreach teams and helps out wherever he is needed. Dad loves farming, too, and looks forward to getting a project started in Kanchanaburi.

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At & Noot

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