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YWAM Frontida Sisaket

YWAM Frontida Sisaket

Although we served in Kanthararom for more than two and a half years already, we are a BRAND NEW YWAM base for the Sisaket province in Thailand that started in January 2016.  We are situated in Kanthararom, a sub district of the province.  Frontida is the Greek word that means “to care.”  Because God cares for His children, and that is what God called us to come and do. 

Frontida’s vision has a 3-fold meaning:  

Our objective is to be led by the Holy Spirit in showing and sharing the love of Jesus among all the walks of life in Sisaket.  We believe if the unreached can see and experience love from beyond this world, their eyes will open and their hearts will seek that love also – the love of Jesus Christ.  Especially the youth and small children for so many of them are without parents or do not live with their parents. 

Talking about the youth - the youth are at a crucial time of their life. The decisions they make now will affect the rest of their life.  Given the poverty state most of them are living in, they are experimenting, trying new things and generally are doing more harm to themselves without knowing it. They want to be free, but they are also searching for direction.  Frontida knows that God longs to give them true freedom and direction through the love of Jesus, and the plans that He has for them are great.  God wants to let the youth know how important and valuable they are for Him.

On a weekly basis we reach the youth through various schools and play groups created by Frontida.  Relationships with the teachers of the various schools, and with many parents of the children in various communities also takes place.  As we are standing in a relationship with Jesus Christ, we are building relationships with all walks of life God brings upon our path.  There is SO MANY wonderful testimonies of how God touched peoples hearts.

Frontida Core Focus

Frontida Kids – creating weekly play groups with children ages 5 – 12.  Here children learn about the creation, about Jesus, love, care and many more through art, sing a long’s and games played.

Frontida Youth – With the youth we talk about their world they live in.  What is the good and bad they experience in their current lives and villages they live in.  Their struggles, their fears, their dreams and also about relationships.  General parenthood defined by the Word of God.

Basis English Teaching – We are not school teachers but we help were we can with teaching how to speak “basic English” to those who wants to learn.  Normally this get together’s end up talking about the value of life and we have then open doors to share the Word of God.

Building relationships with the local churches - Sisaket is a big province with almost 1.5 million people living in the province.  Geographically the province is 8,840 km2 (3,410 sq mi) big.  Currently there are only 41 churches (as we know) with an average congregation size of less than 20 members per church.  There is so much we can offer in help and would like to partner with churches to help sharing the Gospel and the love of Jesus in the various communities they serve.

Our Prayer Needs

If you have a heart to serve in any capacity, if you have a heart to use the gifting’s that God has given you to bless the communities of Sisaket, please feel free to contact us.  You can contact us on email – and also follow our blog –

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