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YWAM Phuket

Phuket is a province in southern Thailand. It is the largest island in Thailand, and the only island province. Phuket has a population of about 345,000 people.

Fisherman were amongst the first people to live on the island of Phuket. Following them came immigrant groups including many Chinese, Malaysian and Thai people. It keeps it's own unique cultural heritage, to this day. Most people in Phuket are either Buddhist or Muslim, with many also following both Buddhist and Islamic beliefs and traditions.

YWAM's vision for South Thailand began many years before YWAM Phuket became a reality. Since then, the YWAM Phuket team has ran two Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) in Phuket. During this time, God began to reveal that what is happening in Phuket is directly connected to Phang Nga. God is moving in South Thailand, and these provinces are right at the center of it!

In August 2014, our team moved to our permanent YWAM facility in Khok Kloi, Phang Nga, just 10 minutes drive from the island of Phuket. While we have a new name and a special focus on our new location, our heart is still to continue to work in Phuket, as well as to see God's greater dream for all of South Thailand.

Check us out at our new location, YWAM Phang Nga Andaman. We think it's pretty great.