YWAM Nakorn Sri Thammarat

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YWAM Nakorn Sri Thammarat
The province of Nakorn Sri Thammarat was part of an ancient kingdom rich in history and held great importance in terms of economy, society, and politics. It has particular importance in Buddhism making it one of the most significant buddhist cities in South East Asia, which is why the motto of the province is, “The City of the Buddhist Dharma of the Great Kings.”
NST is located in the central part of southern Thailand, ranking as the second-largest province in the southern region. With the largest population in the southern region, it has approximately 1,560,000 people. The majority of the population is Buddhist, followed by Islam, around 10%, and about 0.2% are Christians.
The province of Nakhon Sri Thammarat is known as a tourist destination rich in cultural and religious heritage, particularly in Buddhism. The oldest pagoda, Phra Mahathat, stands prominently in the city and has a history dating back approximately 1,700 years. Additionally, Nakorn Sri Thammarat is home to the first Christian church in the southern region, Bethlehem Church, established in
the year 2439 B.E. (1896 C.E.) by American missionaries.

Our Vision
Our vision is to witness the restoration and great revival of the Lord once again in the Nakorn Sri Thammarat area, which serves as a gateway to the Gospel for the southern region. We hope to see the Lord's revival not only in Nakorn Sri Thammarat but also throughout the entire southern region.
Our Mission

Strengthening and Supporting Local Churches / Church Planting
1. In Nakorn Sri Thammarat, there are many local churches that are still in the early stages of development and are yet unable to be self-sustaining. YWAM Nakorn Sri Thammarat has a heart to collaborate with these churches to help them grow to be strong and stable. This is achieved through the following ministry:
- Evangelism: Forming teams for joint evangelism and outreach events.
- Training and Bible Teaching: Leadership Training and training for those serving God in how to share the Word of God.

2. Church Planting: Nakorn Sri Thammarat consists of a total of 23 districts, with 6 districts that do not have a church. We want to see the establishment of churches in those districts without one, with the goal of establishing at
least one strong church in each district of the province. We aim to do this by collaborating with local churches in those areas.
3. Campus and Youth Ministry
Establish a youth and campus ministry with the purpose of making disciples of the next generation. To do this we engage in activities such as language teaching, camps and events in the schools and universities with the purpose of evangelism, youth revival camps, and discipleship groups, in order to help expand the Kingdom of God starting here in Nakorn Sri Thammarat and
spreading out to the rest of Southern Thailand.
We would love to have your team come and serve alongside us here in Nakorn Sri Thammarat. God is doing SO many amazing things. Won't you come and be apart of it?


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