N02. Local Thai Church, Yong-Thai/Chinese

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Yong-Thai Church is located within Bantisuk village in the northern city of Chiang Rai. Bantisuk village is actually located on top of a mountain and many of the people work in the agricultural field, mainly pig farming and gardening. Many of the people are Chinese or a mix of Akha, Musar and Karin (long-neck) hill-tribe people. Your team will have many opportunities to be a part of the church life, as well as in the life of each individual. You can participate in small groups (3 times a week), youth Bible study, reading stories / playing games with children on Saturdays, teaching the youth of the church music and worship as well as help lead the Sunday service – perhaps even preaching the sermon! Your team will also have the opportunity to prayer walk in and around the local area and visit with families along the way, making friendship that will hopefully last all of eternity!

Vision - To be a place where broken people are restored from their past and find their destiny in Christ. We desire to establish other drug rehabilitation centers across Thailand. We want to see our people respond to the call of God and serve in other ways in the Kingdom of God, especially to the poor and needy. We also hope to see people who have completed our program go back and have a good relationship to the body of Christ and influence their families and neighborhood.

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