C28.Little Hugs Church Ministry (Pattaya & Jomtien)

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Little Hugs Church Ministry (Pattaya & Jomtien)

"Little Hugs" Church ministry has been blessing the children, youth and families in the Pattaya & Jomtien areas in Chonburi province for over 6 years now. Led by Khun Tod, Little Hugs’ vision is for children, youth and families to hear about the Good News of Jesus Christ and being blessed and served in tangible, practical ways. In the shadow of the infamous “Red Light District” city of Pattaya, the needs are staggering for many children, along with their families. Almost everyone is “touched” in some way or the other by the sex trade industry of Pattaya. Many children suffer through abusive situations, lack of education, broken families, while dealing with family members with addiction issues, gambling issues or alcoholism. Khun Tod also reaches out to the many “Migrant Worker” Camps in the city, where illegal workers from Cambodia or Burma come to build expensive hotels and condos up and down the Gulf of Thailand coastline. These families are trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty and often their children pay the highest price and suffer through the same issues listed above.

As a church community, Little Hugs meets every Sunday in their beautiful home not too far from the Red Light District. Families and children get to hear the Word of God, often for the first time, hear songs about Jesus, spend time in prayer and intercession and also share a meal together. It’s a community time where everyone gets to “touch base” and share needs and praise reports.

During the week, Khun Tod is regularly involved with doing Kids Ministry in various slums in the city. They do Kids Clubs for the children and youth and the kids not only get to play fun games and do awesome activities, but they get to hear about the Love of God as well. Not only does Khun Tod focus on the children but he also has a huge heart to care for the parents of these children as well and offers support and help to them too!. He understands that if the family unit is “healed” through the love of Jesus, then everyone wins.

Khun Tod loves having teams come to partner with him as well. Not only can they be involved in all the regular weekly Kids Clubs and Children’s Ministry, but they are welcomed to engage in our Sunday worship time as well, helping to lead worship, share testimonies, teach the bible, share messages of hope, preach or do special songs. They can also lead times of prayer and intercession as well.

There are also tons of opportunities for teams to Teach English during Kids Clubs or they can also run special “Camps” (2-3 days or up to a week long etc) based on a special theme from the Bible. They can be involved in doing evangelism and “Home Visitation” in the slums as well and offer prayer to families in the area. Also doing various service projects or work programs if the needs present themselves. Adults and parents also love to learn English or learn new skills too. One of the other huge needs in the Migrant Worker Camps is for Basic Health Care/Education. Teams can help teach kids and adults “Basic Health Care” and also offer vitamins, bandaids or wound care, hand out worm medication, medicine for hyper tension (High Blood Pressure) and taking blood pressure etc.

Our children and youth LOVE to play games, sing songs and do special activities, such as going to the beach for Beach Days, or going to the park or Sports & Recreation Center to play soccer or having fun with the parachute, relay races and other activities.

Won’t you come and join us? We would love to have you here in Pattaya at Little Hugs.


Church Location: 12°55'50.0"N 100°55'58.2"E

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