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Visa Information

Thailand is a free country with regards to religious beliefs and the opportunities we have to share the Gospel freely. However, because of the unique nature of our ministry here in Thailand, we need to exercise caution in how we obtain visas. There are situations and "wordings" that MUST be avoided in order for us to protect many of our long term ministries and workers.

We would ask that you PLEASE CONTACT OUR ADMINISTRATOR prior to making inquiries about visas prior to your coming.

With regards to general information on visas in Thailand, here are some guidelines and information that you should know.

The visa situation in Thailand, as in many other countries, is constantly changing. If you are coming to join YWAM Thailand for long term ministry, we suggest that you apply for a one-year non-immigrant –o- visa. However, the Consulate may only issue you a 90-day visa. We have found that this has been happening more often and although it is inconvenient for our staff, it is one of the challenges we must accept as volunteers in a foreign land. If you do receive a year-long visa, you will still be required to leave the country every 90 days. However, you do not have to re-apply for a visa each time but you simply have to cross over the border into any other country.

If you receive a 90-day visa, you will be required to leave Thailand and re-apply for another 90-day visa. The closest country to re-apply for a visa is Malaysia which is about a 21-hour train ride (one-way) from Bangkok. Usually they will issue you another 90-day visa. Therefore, it is important that you prepare yourself financially and emotionally for a “visa-run” trip every 90-days. Many of our long-term staff still do not have missionary visas and they are required to do these “visa-run” trips as well. Once you are in Thailand, at your location, those working there will be able to give you the exact costs of such a trip as well as advice on the best way for you to get there.

Please be aware that receipt of a visa is never guaranteed. You may want to consider creative ways to obtain a long-term visa, such as getting a job teaching English, etc.

If you are an Outreach Team coming to do outreach in Thailand, please see the related information on the Outreach Teams page

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