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Nancy Ross Training Center – NRTC

formerly Baan Jai Diaow

Nancy Ross Training Center – NRTC

The vision of the NRTC is three-fold:

Student Ministry (NRTC)

Who are we?
We are a center for students with a goal of ministering to and discipling students that come to study at Ramkhamhaeng University in Bangkok, Thailand. The NRTC student ministry began in March 2014 (some students from the previous Baan Jai Diaow ministry also moved to live with us).

Vision – We want to see the students that stay with us come to know God and share His love with their family and neighbors.

Purpose – To be a safe center for students, helping them complete their studies, know God and grow in their faith in Jesus Christ, and out of that influence those around them, their families and all areas of society.

In Action – We share the Gospel, promote studying to graduation in line with our purpose, and make disciples of Christ amongst Thai students, through Thai and international outreach teams, worship, training and working alongside the local church.

What do we do? – We disciple students through regular bible studies, worship and other activities.

NRTC StudentsHelping our Community and Society – The NRTC also hosts international students that come on outreach in Thailand, and is in the same building as YWAM Thailand, our students have many opportunities to practice and gain experience in many areas, utilizing their individual gifts in serving others and learning to take responsibility.

Outreach & Evangelism – Every year, we don’t only host international outreach teams, we also receive students that don’t know God yet into our center. This is one way that our ministry is able to share with them about God. We also go on outreach every year to visit the families of our students that don’t know God yet in other provinces of Thailand.

Learning to Live Together – As most of our students are from different places, cultures, and tribes, whether they are Akha, Karen, Hmong, Khmu, Mon, Lisu, etc, we have the opportunity to learn the way of life and language of each region of Thailand, as well as foreigners that come and work and stay with us. This is both a challenging and colorful experience for everyone who lives here.

Promoting Abilities & DTS – We support each of our students in their gifts, abilities and creative thinking, that they can use these to influence their community and society. We give them opportunities to utilize these gifts. When they have graduated their studies and have accepted Christ, we support them to study a Discipleship Training School (DTS). After that we encourage them to serve God in whatever He is calling them to.

Current Needs

We are currently needing volunteer english teachers and general staff for our student ministry. If you are female, from the ages of 20-30, have completed a DTS and have a heart for our student ministry, come and join us. There are students that don't know God yet that are waiting for you here!


Over the years various schools have been held at the NRTC, including a Leadership Training School, School of Worship (SOW), Bangkok DTS, and Principles in Child and Youth Ministry (PCYM). The NRTC also houses 100+ short-term outreach teams every year from YWAM locations and churches from around the world.

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