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YWAM City Centre (Kanchanaburi City)

YWAM City Centre (Kanchanaburi City)

Short-term Plan

1. Campus Ministry, 

Campus worship centering on Rachaphat University and pioneering Christian club. 

2. Youth Ministry & Ministry of Bible Supply

We will preach the gospel and distribute Bible books to all students at all schools in Kanchanaburi.

3. Youth Prison Ministry

We want to instill hope through the Gospel to children who lose hope at a young age and live.


Long-term Plan

1. Discipleship Ministry

Disciples through one-on-one Bible study, SBS, Bible read, DTS, etc. to build a true disciple of the Lord.

2. Church planting Ministry with local church

There are many Ampoe sites in Kanchaburi that do not yet have a church. We hope to plant the church in an area where there is no church.

3. Myanmar Ministry

Myanma people lives very much in the western region of Kanchanaburi. It is a mission to send disciples to Myanmar in connection with Myanmar missionaries.

4. Job creation Ministry

One of the toughest topic of ministry is the how to helf finace situation for Thai co-worker in ministry of local ministers. Technology transfer and business creation to assist them in their independence (through the christian of the Sooyoungro Church)


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3 Sangchuto Road
T. Ban Tai
A. Mueang
Kanchanaburi 71000

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YWAM City Centre (Kanchanaburi City)

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