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Business Discipleship Training School

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Business Discipleship Training School

The Business Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a life-changing 5 month course set in a cross-cultural context in Asia. The DTS is designed to help you understand God more deeply, live more like Jesus and identify your unique gifts and purpose to take part in God's mission to the world. The DTS is a full-time, residential training course which begins with 12 weeks of lectures and training; followed by 10 weeks of service and outreach. Learn about God, His world, and His plans for business. The Business DTS is designed to take you on a personal journey of growth, to discover God's purposes for business and you.

Why Business DTS?

All over the world, business men and women are having their eyes opened to God's purpose for business as a vital instrument for fulfilling the Great Commission. These men and women are learning that business has power to transform communities and nations in Jesus' name.

However, transformation begins with us! The DTS is a focused on personal development and spiritual formation as we study together in class, reflect on our spiritual lives, and live in community. We begin by learning about God, looking at his Father's heart, and His nature and character. Then through every topic during the 12 week lecture phase we think about how the teaching applies in a business context.

This Business DTS is designed for people with any interest in business, including entrepreneurs/owners, business practitioners, business students, or those exploring business as a catalyst for transformational change. It is ideal for participants wanting to set aside time in their lives to know God more deeply and identify how to use your unique gifts to serve Him in the marketplace. The Business DTS will help lay solid foundations for a life of service to God through business, either in your home community, or to the ends of the Earth!

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) has trained hundreds of thousands of people through DTS programs for over 35 years, preparing them to be Christ-followers in all arenas of society. The Business DTS is a fully certified YWAM Discipleship Training School run by an experienced team of YWAM leaders, in partnership with experienced teachers and business mentors.


A life changing 5 month Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Thailand. Learn about God, His world and His plans for business.


January to June every year. 12 weeks of lecture and training; followed by 10 weeks of service. The next Business DTS dates are January to June, 2018.


Chiang Mai, Thailand – hosted by the YWAM Business DTS Team.


$6500 USD includes the cost of tuition, food and lodging, local and regional transportation for the 5-month period of the DTS.

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