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Visa Situation

The visa situation in Thailand, as in many other countries, is constantly changing. Although we suggest that you apply for a one-year, multiple-entry, non-immigrant Type "O" visa, the Thai authorities may not grant this request. We have found that this has been happening more often in recent years; and although it is inconvenient for our staff, it is one of the challenges we must accept as staff / volunteers in a foreign land. 
While there are many embassies and consulates around the world, there are some that we would recommend that you try to avoid. We would not recommend that you apply for your visa at the embassy in Los Angeles, California due to many previous failed attempts. However, we would recommend that you consider trying the Thai embassy or consulate in the following locations:

Portland, Oregon
Honolulu, Hawaii
Denver, Colorado
Chicago, Illinois

If you do receive a one-year, multiple-entry, non-immigrant Type “O” visa, you will still be required to exit Thailand every 90 days as part of the visa restrictions. Each time you re-enter the country, until the expiration date of your visa, you will receive an additional 90 day stay in Thailand. In most cases, these “visa runs” may be accomplished in one day or less. When your current one-year, multiple-entry, non-immigrant Type "O" visa expires, you will need to go to one of the above listed cities / countries or return to your home country in order to apply for another one.
Many of our long-term staff still do not have missionary visas and they are required to do these "visa run" trips, as well.  Once you are in Thailand, at your specific ministry location, your ministry leader will be able to give you the exact costs of such a trip as well as advice on the best way for you to get there.
If you do not receive the one-year, multiple-entry, non-immigrant Type “O” visa, please contact the YWAM Thailand National Office administrator (; and they will assist you through alternative options.

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