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Language School

During your time in the Culture and Language Phase you will need to learn the Thai language. There are six (6) modules that you will need to study. Modules 1-3 deal with the basics of Thai language while modules 4-6 cover reading and writing. It is the stated goal of the Culture and Language Phase that you are able to communicate effectively with the local Thai population by the time your studies of module 1-6 are complete.

Please recognize that learning the Thai language is of daily benefit to you as you will be able to order food, travel around, communicate with locals, share your testimony etc.

The YWAM Thailand National Office has an official Thai language teacher that provides you the opportunity to learn ‘on site’. By studying at the YWAM Thailand National Office, you are able to save on travel expenses and travel time. We typically prefer all Culture and Language Phase students to study 4 day a week, 2 hours per day. NOTE – You do have the option of studying as an individual or with a classmate (if available).

However, if you are on a tight budget, and are unable to meet the stated language budget as mentioned in the Budget document (that was sent to you earlier), then further options may be discussed with you. NOTE – While we do believe that studying with our official Thai language teacher is the best option for you, we do understand that some students may prefer a group (10+ people) classroom setting.

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