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We strongly recommend that you set up your finances so that your support is deposited directly into your personal bank account in your home country.  If you bring an ATM card with you with either the “Cirrus” or “Plus” symbol, you can withdraw finances quickly and easily as bank machines can easily be found throughout Thailand. Please be aware of the following:

NOTE – When bringing USD, it is best to bring $100 and $50 bills as they tend to get the best exchange rate when compared to $20, $10 and $5 bills. As well, the majority of banks and currency exchange counters will only exchange USD bills that have been printed after 2004.

NOTE - When bringing travelers cheques, please be aware that there is usually a $1 - $2 USD fee for each cheque regardless of the amount.

NOTE – If you are looking for a hassle-free and secure way to handle your teams funds while here, we recommend that you use an ATM card issued by your local bank. UPDATE – Please be advised that Thai banks are now charging a 150 baht surcharge fee every time you withdraw money. This is on top of any fees that your local bank may levy or any international fees. This means that you could potentially pay up to $10 USD per withdrawal.
Visa debit cards are also useful as they can be used at many stores although a 3% surcharge will be added. Credit cards are also widely accepted. When booking travel tickets through a travel agency, if you use a credit card, they will also charge you a 3% surcharge.

The local currency is currently rated at around US $1.00 = 35 baht. For the most recent currency exchange rate, please visit:

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