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Communications Circle

Communications Circle

Creation. We were created, and we were given the ability to create. That is what it's all about here in the communications department of YWAM Thailand. We know that all of YWAM Thailand's 80+ ministries are actively bringing the kingdom of heaven, and it's our passion to creatively tell the rest of the world about it. 

Photography, videography, graphic design and writing are just the start of what we do here. It is our job to keep the website up to date, create newsletters, and help various ministries with brochures, videos and other media.

We love taking our God-given gifts and talents and applying them, not just to one ministry, but to many. Not only do we get to help each of these projects and ministries get the word out, but we get the benefit of seeing how God is working in each one, how each piece of the puzzle is fitting together to see to it that God is known in Thailand. 

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Communications Circle


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