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Applied Practical Leadership Course

Applied Practical Leadership Course

A Big Wave is Coming!

Leaders in Asia and beyond are crying out for help.

What is the APLC?

APLC aims to provide a custom-made curriculum for YOU with multiple topics to address your TOP 10 FELT NEEDS.

Spend 6 weeks of quality time with elders/leaders who are committed to building your capacity, enhancing your competencies, and increasing your confidence through mentoring/coaching relationships - affirming, honoring and empowering YOU and YOUR MINISTRY to thrive.

Applicants will take a survey to determine their greatest felt needs in these 6 main categories. Teaching and content will then be adjusted to match what participants need the most.

Emphasis will be on experienced leaders "being with" the participants - helping them to process and apply the content in their local context.  

In addition, each participant will be assigned a leadership coach who will meet with them regularly both during the course, and for up to 1 year afterward, to ensure that progress and application is made.

APLC Overview

Location: TBA, Thailand
Dates: TBA
Cost: The fees for the school are dependent on your country of origin. Please email for more information.
Course Requirements: DTS graduate; minimum 1 year of some type of leadership experience.
Language: English/Thai


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Applied Practical Leadership Course

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