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Justice DTSThe next Justice DTS will be starting on February 1, 2014.

The mandate of Youth With A Mission is: To Know God and Make Him Known. This is the purpose of the Discipleship Training School (DTS).

We desire to prepare our students to be messengers of the Gospel in every sphere of society. Our desire through this course is to see you develop intimacy with God. Right relationship with God affects the way we live our lives and the way we relate to those around us.

School Introduction

Around the world, there are things taking place that break the heart of God. Human Trafficking. Family Brokenness. Overwhelming Poverty. Child Soldiers. Gender-Based Discrimination. Injustices, such as these, happen when there is brokenness in relationship - whether with God, with others, or in how we view ourselves & the world around us.

The Bible, all the way through the Old and New Testament, makes it clear that it is very important to the heart of God how individuals, particularly the vulnerable, in the world are treated. As we grow in intimacy with Him, we are affected by the things that He cares about. We can no longer stand on the sidelines, but are compelled to respond. But where do we begin?

The Justice DTS will take a deeper look at God's heart and intention for all mankind, first focusing on the student's personal relationship with Him. The overflow of this intimacy, and understanding of His character, is a life that displays justice and mercy to the world around us. While the lecture phase seeks to bring the student into a more intimate relationship with Jesus, seeing greater freedom in their own life, the outreach phase seeks to apply this understanding by taking the transforming love of Jesus to the hopeless, the broken, and the oppressed.

Lecture Phase

During this school, we want to look especially at the character of God regarding justice and what the Bible says about our responsibility as Christians, as we desire to see individuals restored to right relationship with God and with others. We will explore some of the issues that are at the core of social injustice today, allowing Him to bring into focus ways that we can actively take part in making a difference around the world. There is an emphasis on both the place of prayer/intimacy and acts of social justice, combining prayers for justice with acts of justice.

We will be covering traditional DTS lecture topics, as well as tying all of these topics into God's heart for justice.

Topics include:

Outreach Phase

Partnering with existing ministries locally during lecture phase and globally during outreach phase will provide for long-term opportunity, while introducing students to different types of ministry. The outreach phase allows for students to practically apply knowledge from the lecture phase, which includes seeking to live justly with each other and those they meet during the outreach time.

Outreach locations to be announced.

School Fees

Phuket is a melting pot for all southeast Asia and a tourist attraction for people from all over the world. It is a great place to reach the nations from. However, with the high tourist attraction, it will directly affect our school fees. Cost of living and food is more expensive here than elsewhere in Thailand.
School fees per person:
Country A - 130,000฿ ($4,333) 
Country B - 65,000฿ ($2,166) 
Country C - 50,000฿ ($1,666)
See a breakdown of which countries are in each group.
Read an explanation of YWAM's International Financial Scale. 

The Phuket DTS is a university accredited course with YWAM's University of the Nations

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